The Beginning

First off my name is Ryan Feddes, at the age of 22 while in school at George Brown College, I laid my eyes on a piece of equipment in one of my classes and couldn’t stop thinking about it. What was this piece of machinery you ask? Well it was a small 2’x2’ CNC plasma cutter, and at the time it was hard to think about owning one of these, but that didn’t stop me from plowing my way through online forums and doing my own research on them.

Our Machines

I eventually (I think after 1.5 years or so) upgraded my machine to a 4’x4’ CNC table. This allowed me to handle more projects and also allowed me to do things that I just didn’t have the ability to do before. By this time I was finally starting to feel more comfortable with the whole process and was becoming more self aware of what I could and couldn’t take on.

We once again have upgraded, to a much more sofisticated CNC Fiber Laser (the space ship looking thing in the photo).

Here we are

If you're an existing customer reading this I would just like to personally thank you for being a part of our ever growing story. We’ve had the privilege of meeting all kinds of new people both online and in person and this continues to be my favourite part of “running” a business. We treat our customers as we would like to be treated if we were buying from us.

- Ryan Feddes, President & Founder

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