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1) How long does it take to have a personalized sign made?

Typical lead times are 1-2 weeks for personalized signs

2) Are they ok outside?

Yes absolutely! All of our signs are powder coated and able to withstand the

3) Do you offer custom sizes?

If you would like a specific size please email us: admin@feddesfabrications.com

4) Can we order a custom colour?

Yes you can order in a custom colour, however this comes with an additional
cost. If we don’t have the colour in stock it may take longer to complete your
order as we would have to special order in a colour. Please email:
admin@feddesfabrications.com for inquiries.

6) Do you offer returns?

On personalized signs, no. However if there is a problem with the product when
you receive it please reach out to us.

7) What if I am not happy with it?

If you aren’t happy with something on your order once you receive it please contact us via email.

8) How do you hang it?

All of our signs can be hung with hardware that you can purchase from your local
hardware store. Because there are so many different types of surfaces that the
signs could be mounted to, we do not offer hardware kits. Please ask your local
hardware store for their recommendation on hardware anchors based on the
material type you will be hanging the sign too (ie: wood, drywall, brick, Concrete,
siding.. etc).

9) How much do they weigh?

Each sign is a little bit different based on the size and the style. On average most
of our signs weigh between 1-5lbs.

10) Can I ship it to a friend?

Yes absolutely, Please make the shipping address different from the billing
address when going through checkout. Alternatively if you would like to have us
place the order for you please call and have the address ready: 226-626-0998

1) How long does it take to have a fire pit made?

Fire pits typically are completed within 1-2 weeks AFTER receiving an approval
on the design work. If you are ordering a fire pit please keep an eye out for your
design email as they are typically sent within 1-3 business days and sometimes
land in a junk folder.

2) Can I rush to order one?

This can be done but may have an additional cost. Please email:

3) How long does it stay black for?

The paint we use is a high heat enamel and typically lasts 1-2 years. This
ultimately depends on the abuse, use and how it's set up.

4) How long will the fire pit last?

The steel itself will last an extremely long time. We have been making fire pits for
7 years now and the first one we made (though a bit rusty) still looks great! 10
years should be easily achievable.

5) Can I repaint it?

Yes absolutely, Some people like to just let it rust over time and others like to
keep it black. We recommend Tremclad High Heat paint in a can (not aerosol).
Wire brush the rusty spots and roll on new paint

6) How thick is it?

Our fire pits are made from thick 11g mild steel (⅛” thickness).

8) Can I customize it however I want?

Yes you can, please order from this include to include whatever you would like on
the fire pit:

9) Do they ship for free?

Our standard size fire pits ship for free, however there are certain areas and
territories that cost additional to ship to. Please read our terms and conditions for

10) How do I install them?

We recommend getting some wedge shaped paving stones (made for heat) and
making a ring on the ground to set your new fire pit ring on. This keeps the coals
away from the metal and prolongs the paint life. There are however MANY ways
to set up your fire pit area. Please see our gallery or visit our facebook page to
see what some of our other customers have done.

1) What if I want something that I don’t see on your website?

We make stuff that isn’t on our website all the time! Please send us an email with
your request: admin@feddesfabrications.com

2) Are you a family owned business?

Yes, we have been for almost 6 years. It started out of my dad's garage and my
wife and I built it up to what it is today by always striving for a quality product, but
most importantly, exceptional customer service. Now we have 4 other employees
helping us with customer service, designing, and completing orders.

3) Do you offer promotional products?

Yes absolutely, please reach out to us with your request:

4) Can you build panels, railings or gates?

During certain times of the year we work on items such as these. We are also
partnered with another business that we know and trust for when our work load
gets too high. Please reach out to us: admin@feddesfabrications.com

5) Do you have a phone number?

Yes we do, 226-626-0998.

6) Do you make business signs?

Absolutely! We will need a company logo and some information on size, colours
etc, before being able to quote, but please send an email to:

7) Do you offer wholesale packages?

Email us for information on wholesaling: ryan@feddesfabrications.com

8) Where are you located?

We are currently located in Port Lambton, Ontario. Which is just outside of

9) How long have you been in business?

We have been in business since December 2015.

10) Do I have to order online?

No please give Alie a call at 226-626-0998.