How To Order Monograms

On all of the products that are able to be “Personalized” you will see this text box. This is a required field on the site and you will not be able to check out with a personalized product if this isn’t filled out.

 Some of the requirements for the notes will vary based on the specific product you are looking at. When looking at the “Home Decor” products the following is a guideline.

How To Order Monograms

For example:

Letter Monograms - Require only a Name in this box.

Life on the Farm - Requires  Name and Est. Date (if Est. Date is required - some prefer not to add)

Coordinate Monogram - Name and Town that you’d like the coordinates to match

Fancy Antler Monogram - Letter you’d like to have in the antlers


These are a few examples but should act as a guide to walk you through the ordering process!