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Danger/ Hazards

Fire Pit Ring Hazards

Please read and understand that the following is true regarding our products and fire pit rings, both Generic and Custom.

Our Fire Pits are built out of steel to hold up to the abuse of the elements that they are exposed too. The nature of the material and design of products we sell have sharp edges on detailed cut-outs (which allows you to see the glow of the fire in the form of a design/silhouette and/or wording etc through the steel). This is not something that is a constant danger however, care must be taken when handling our fire pit rings.

These edges/protrusions can pierce skin if in contact with enough force and for that reason it is recommended that once the ring is in place, you stay 1ft away from it in any direction other than when cleaning or moving to storage is necessary. Please ensure that others are also aware of potential hazards associated with the ring (kids, friends.. etc).
We do our best to de-bur the edges, both top and bottom, on our rings but over time through the change in the material composition via oxidization and general wear, edges can make an appearance again.
Feddes Fabrications Inc will not be held responsible for any cuts, incisions, scrapes etc that could be caused by handling our products. At all times please handle with care!