Danger/ Hazards

Assumption of Liability


By purchasing any item from Feddes Fabrications Inc. you explicitly accept all Terms of Service hereinbefore stated as well as the assumption of liability as follows:


Care must be taken in the use or handling of any products, most particularly when dealing with sharp edges, fire, coal, heat, etc. Any person using or handling same accepts any and all risk including but not limited to, risk of cuts from sharp edges, risk of burns from fires or hot products. Any purchaser using a product from Feddes Fabrications Inc. agrees to assume responsibility for those around the products and caution them of the risks involved.


The purchaser assumes all liability for risks, and agrees to not initiate any action against Feddes Fabrications Inc., affiliates, employees, officers, agents, etc. from any and all claims resulting in personal injury, accident, or illness, resulting from purchase or misuse of their products.