Coatings / Paint

Fire Pits

We sometimes get asked about the durability of the black coating that is on the fire pit itself and would like to address that here.
Over the last few years of making these fire pit rings we have tested numerous types of heat resistant coatings to apply to the rings. The winner of the 3 different types of paint that we have tested is hands down Tremclad High Heat. Not only does it look the best - it also last the longest and is most readily available to consumers when a touch up coat is needed.
Our fire pits receive this coating before we send any order completion emails out to our customers. The coating will resist rust/oxidization for 1-2 years. It is not necessary to repaint the pit however if you want to maintain the clean black look a repaint will be needed.
Many people just leave there fire pit rust and there is nothing wrong with that. The rings are made from thick steel that will withstand the abuse from the fire and elements for many years to come.


 Home Decor Items

 Almost all our our home decor items are powder coated. Powder coating is a very durable coating that is used all over the world on products that need to be able to withstand abusive elements. These could be vehicle rims, heavy machinery components, motor cycle framing and millions of other products etc.
This is what we use to ensure that our signs are as high quality as possible for our customers. They can withstand the abuse of the elements outdoors and also have certain quality's such as UV protection to keep the colours from fading quickly.